Absolute Access provides an unparalleled level of Access Control technology and services.

From simple to sophisticated, we offer a range of Access Control systems that will work seamlessly with your Gates and Barriers. If you’ve secured your business with anything from Automatic Gates to Turnstiles, Access Control can be added for even further security and capabilities.

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Access Control Installation & Specification

Access Control Technical Specification

Absolute Access systems are designed to meet your business needs. You can have Access Control installed around multiple areas of your site from your Gate, Turnstile to your Reception/Server Room door, making it one easy to manage system. We can also fit break glass points and push to exit buttons to override any Access Control system on the safe side. Types of Access Control Absolute Access offer include:

  • Vehicle number plate recognition (VNPR/ANPR) – add or remove registrations for Automatic Gate/Barrier opening
  • Car parking payment systems – coin, ticket or token payment
  • Keypads – issue a PIN code to authorised users
  • Key Fobs – handed out to each individual, more hygienic, removes the risk of losing expensive keys, fobs cannot be duplicated, can be disabled if lost
  • Card readers – proximity fob or swipe card options
  • Fingerprint scanner – fingerprint or hand recognition

Absolute Access takes the time to discuss your requirements and give you advice on the best Access Control for your business. We prepare your site for installation and our engineers are always on hand to provide any assistance you may need.

Access Control Safety and Design

Our Access Control solutions cater to the simplest and the most complex requirements, matching the features and functions with your business and security needs. Once your business perimeter is secured with anything from Gates to Turnstiles, you’ll then need to decide how you control and manage those systems. Absolute Access can provide you with the capabilities to allow you to:

  • Collect payments for car parking
  • Remove the cost of manned security
  • Maintain health & safety requirements
  • Prevent access misuse by Anti-pass back
  • Have control over vehicular and pedestrian access
  • Security lockdown in the case of an alarm being raised
  • Monitor visitors and staff including staff attendance and timesheets
  • Fire system integration by linking your fire detection and access systems together to allow rapid evacuation
Yes, if you are using other equipment such as gates and barriers then you can find that our AC products offer you total and complete control over the opening/closing of any part of the premises, which is essential to securing your premises and ensuring you always have a say over who arrives.
You can easily set up any Absolute Access control product to be arranged for automatic reading of number plates. This allows for key staff and personnel to arrive without having to wait for anyone to manually put them through, speeding up the traffic process and minimising anyone being delayed due to lack of auto-recognition.
Yes, we also provide you with the chance to use biometric tools such as a fingerprint or handprint recognition program. We are happy to discuss any and all options that might come in handy for your business, so let us know what you are looking for if you need any support or assistance.
Yes, we make sure that all Absolute Access tools come with a secure database program that allows for you to easily keep all of the data for security access safe and inaccessible for anyone who should not access this kind of crucial company data. Great for giving peace of mind to your security team.
No, we have designed each access platform so that it can only be used by one person or individual. This means that you have nothing to worry about with regards to access control being duplicated such as key fobs or PIN codes. Everything is personalised and specific to the individual, removing this potential risk entirely.

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Access Control Aftercare


We offer on-going Access Control Aftercare and Maintenance packages. With a network of technicians dotted across the UK, we can attend to any issues and call in for a periodic safety check at your convenience. For more information on our aftercare packages please visit our aftercare page or call our security experts on 0113 281 3511.