Absolute Access Car Park Ticketing gives you complete control

Absolute Access Car Park Ticketing can be used to control parking in a vast range of premises or used alongside a Gate or Barrier to allow access. Our Car Park Ticketing machines provide easy payment solutions and access for visitors, offering security and reliability.

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Car Park Ticketing Machine & Systems Specification

Our car park ticketing services and terminals provide your business with a range of options to control parking, whether it’s pay and display or integrated with existing Access Barriers and Gates. Absolute Access Car Park Ticketing can be used across a range of premises including, office car parks, shopping centres and city centre carparks. Why choose Absolute Access Car Park Ticketing?

  • 24-Hour support
  • Durable to withstand British weather
  • Variety of colours

Absolute Access takes the time to discuss your requirements and give you advice on the best road blockers for your business. We prepare your site for installation and our engineers are always on hand to provide any assistance you may need.

Car Park Ticketing Safety and Design

To control and limit entry and exit into an area with spaces that you own, restricting those using your spaces to park for work or to go shopping all day leaving you with limited spaces for your actual employees/shoppers.

  • Accessories: Traffic lights, warning lights, stop and no entry signs and safety loops.
  • All engineering works included
  • Signage included
  • Can be integrated with existing access Barriers and Gates
Yes, all of our car park ticketing options at Absolute Access make sure you can easily make payments through the system that is set up. This means that people can manage payments automatically or with the help of a teller who stands by on guard; the choice is yours, but our solutions are payment-ready.
Yes, we have designed our car park ticket tools to ensure they can take the British weather without looking worn anytime soon. The materials and the designs used are developed in such a way that they can more or less entirely remove the risk of the weather stripping away the design that exists today.
We can assist with any aspect of the ticket booth installation that you need. if you need any help at all in having these fitted and/or installed, come and speak to us today. We can show you what we are able to do in terms of setup style so you can get something that is just right for the project you wish to put in place
You can easily pair up your ticketing systems with anything existing such as barriers and gates so that they can all interact together and work as one. This helps to ensure that the gate opens with absolute ease every single time.
Yes, we have designed our products so they can be easily anti-vandal. This means they are much easier to clean and to keep in pristine shape, ensuring that you have nothing to worry about with regards to your ticketing booths being damaged or defaced and thus leaving a permanent mark afterwards.

24 Hour Support

Reliable Aftercare

Collect payments


Variety of colours

Gate Integration

Car Park Ticketing Aftercare


We offer on-going Car Park Ticketing aftercare and maintenance packages. With a network of technicians dotted across the UK, we can attend to any issues and call in for a periodic safety check at your convenience. For more information on our aftercare packages please visit our aftercare page or call our security experts on 0113 281 3511.