content=Road Blockers are built to provide maximum strength and security for businesses that need an extended level of protection. Road Blockers provide medium to high risk premise security whilst being unobtrusive to pedestrians. ">

Absolute Access Road Blockers give you complete control

Absolute Access Road Blockers are built to provide maximum strength and security for businesses that need an extended level of protection. They provide medium to high risk premise security whilst being unobtrusive to pedestrians.

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Rising Road Blockers Specification

Our high-profile Hydraulic Road Blockers are robust and constructed to withstand impact from any type of vehicle, ensuring security at medium to high-risk premises. Absolute Access’ priority is to ensure the protection of your business and personnel, so our experts will offer tailored advice to make sure you get the best quality security solution. Why choose Absolute Access road blockers?

  • 24-Hour support
  • Durable to withstand British weather
  • PAS 68 impact tested, Anti-ram road blockers
  • Medium to high-risk premise security
  • High profile hydraulic road blockers
  • Performance reliable

Absolute Access takes the time to discuss your requirements and give you advice on the best Road Blockers for your business. We prepare your site for installation and our engineers are always on hand to provide any assistance you may need. Our team take care of all the civil and electrical work, providing an efficient and effective installation.


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Road Blockers Safety and Design

Absolute Access has installed Road Blockers for a range of different businesses including Government buildings, transport hubs, banks and distribution centres. Road Blockers can be installed alongside your current fence line or we can install new fencing to suit your security requirements. The Road Blockers are used as a deterrent against hostile vehicle breach and are raised by a powerful hydraulic system when the premises are at risk of being attacked but usually sit flush with the road surface for easy traffic flow. Our Road Blockers meet BS/EN 12453 and Machinery Directive 2006/46/EC.

  • Accessories: Traffic lights, warning lights, stop and no entry signs.
  • Touch button activation
  • Anti-Vandalism protection
  • Anti-skid top plate and unobtrusive to pedestrians

Road Blockers Access Control

Integrating Access Control to your Road Blockers adds additional security to your business. Access Control that compliment Road Blockers include:

  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Keypads and fobs
  • Proximity readers
  • Biometric Fingerprint/Handprint readers
If you’d like to know more about what type of Access Control we offer or you want to add Access Control to your Road Blockers, please visit our Access Control page or call us on 0113 281 3511

Road Blocker Access Control

Absolutely. A road blocker can avoid any vehicle traffic arriving at your facility that should not be arriving. Then, any vehicles that do arrive can only access the facility once you have given them permission and brought them down the road blockers. This is essential for securing your facility and boosting external security measures.
If your main aim is to allow more pedestrian access, then you will find that road blockers are very useful indeed. They are a great way for you to help get more pedestrians in without having to worry about any unplanned vehicle traffic entering the facility without having express permission.
Each road blocker provided by Absolute Access comes with a weather-resistant design so that it can last for much longer than you might expect. We have designed the solutions that we use to ensure that they can be used on high-risk security areas, designed to last regardless of weather or wear-and-tear.
Typically, we use a hydraulics system to ensure that the road blockers can come up and down as needed. This allows for permissive access but also for near-complete prevention of unwanted road traffic. The hydraulics are designed to allow for rapid open/close features, ensuring you are never caught short when it comes to properly designated access.
With PAS 68 impact testing, we are confident that all Absolute Access road blockers are designed in a way that can avoid potential damage on impact. We have used anti-ram road blockers successfully for years, and remain confident that these can provide you with all of the protection that you might need starting today.

24 Hour Support

Reliable Aftercare

Directional Flow

Performance reliable

Choice of aesthetics

Impact tested

Road Blockers Aftercare


We offer on-going Road Blocker aftercare and maintenance packages. With a network of technicians dotted across the UK, we can attend to any issues and call in for a periodic safety check at your convenience. For more information on our aftercare packages please visit our aftercare page or call our security experts on 0113 281 3511.