Sliding Gate for Hesco Bastion in Leeds

Hesco Bastion in Leeds contacted us as they felt their site was completely open and found they had no way to control Vehicles or Pedestrians from gaining access onto their site. Hesco, established in 1989, are the original developers of the Earth Filled Barrier technology – Concertainer units. Created when a family home faced being destroyed by the storms of the North Yorkshire coast, the wire mesh cage constructed a wall protecting the land. Since its first use, these units have been used across the world to protect homes and save lives during conflict or natural disaster. Camp Bastion is named after Hesco Bastion as the products were used to defend and secure their Jets and Helicopters.

Sliding Gate Leeds
Sliding Gates do not take up space like other Gates do and are often seen in the commercial/industrial sector for the use of protecting vehicles and stock. This is because Sliding Gates are the most secure Gate system; when a Sliding Gate is closed, they are held in place by a motor and tracking system making it almost impossible to open.

Sliding Gate Installation
Due to Hesco Bastion’s reputation for providing concertainers to the Military and the Ministry of Defence, their sites require a high level of security to ensure their premises and personnel are protected. Hesco’s main priority was to control Vehicular and Pedestrian access with the capability to allow authorised people onto site whilst keeping unwanted visitors out. We installed a heavy-duty 2.4m high 8m wide Automatic Sliding Gate with Anti-Climb spikes and a 358 prison mesh infill to control the vehicular access alongside with ANPR access control to read and open the gate for any approved number plates, a turnstile with a card reader to control pedestrian access and 358 prison mech fencing securing the perimeter.

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What Hesco Bastion said about Absolute Access

"We are very pleased with our Automatic Gate, we felt Absolute Access ability to deliver what we required and confidently they did. We look forward to working with Absolute Access in the future.”

Maintenance Manager