The perfect solution for pedestrian access control

Absolute Access Speed Gates cater to fast-flowing pedestrian traffic as well as larger items such as trolleys and wheelchairs. Our speed gates can be powder coated to match your RAL brand colours as well as offering stainless steel versions for hygiene environments.

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Security Speed Gates Specification

Absolute Access can supply and install Speed Gates to suit your specific requirements, including working it into your reception or room to create an internal perimeter. Our most popular Swing Door Gates use safe transparent tempered glass that open when the user presents a fob or card. More aesthetically pleasing than internal Turnstiles/Half height turnstiles and the capability of making the glass floor to ceiling height to reduce the likelihood of passback.

Why choose Absolute Access Speed Gates?

  • 24-Hour support
  • Designed to suit the aesthetic of your interior
  • Safe transparent tempered glass
  • Caters for larger items
  • Allows fast-flowing pedestrian traffic
  • Powder-coated in your RAL brand colours
  • Stainless steel versions for hygiene environments
  • Fire alarm integration for safety, disabled to allow faster evacuation

Absolute Access takes the time to discuss your requirements and give you advice on the best Speed Gates for your business. We prepare your site for installation and our engineers are always on hand to provide any assistance you may need.


Technical Specification

Speed Gates Safety and Design

Speeds Gates are perfect for managing pedestrian access control in a fast and secure way. They provide a safe entry/exit point and are designed to suit the aesthetics of your business. Our Speed Gates meet BS/EN 12453 and Machinery Directive 2006/46/EC.

  • Accessories: Traffic lights, stop and no entry signs
  • Different sized glass options to suit the area

Speed Gates Access Control

Integrating Access Control to your Speed Gates adds additional security to your business. Access control that compliment Speed Gates include:

  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Swipe cards
  • Payment options such as a coin/token
  • Authorisation controls for reception staff

If you’d like to know more about what type of Access Control we offer or you want to add Access Control to your Speed Gates, please visit our Access Control page or call us on 0113 281 3511.

Massively. At Absolute Access, we highly recommend these products to clients who need to help make sure that fast-flowing traffic can become a key benefit. If you need to get items and people moving in and out of your facility faster, speed gates make a wonderful investment that can absolutely pay off.
Yes, they can be used for rapid access for those who might be using a tool like a trolly and/or a wheelchair. This can be useful to boost accessibility but to also ensure that those who are moving around with large quantities of any given product can do so without getting in the way.
In those cases, we recommend that you look to use a stainless steel speed gate. Through Absolute Access, you can get your hands on quality speed gates which soon remove all of the challenges involved in moving around the place. Ideal for developing safe, secure entry in areas requiring extensive hygiene.
Yes, you can ensure that any speed gates you buy from Absolute Access can be used when it comes to integration with fire alarm and security/safety protocols. This ensures for rapid evacuation that can be turned on/off as and when you need it, allowing for safer movement of people in an emergency.
Yes, we have ensured that our speed gates can be used in the event when you need to move larger items. They can be designed to fit the kind of traffic you normally handled so that nothing has to get stuck as you move it through the various parts of your facility, reducing disruption.

24 Hour Support

Reliable Aftercare

Directional Flow

Choice of aesthetics

Fire alarm integration


Speed Gates Aftercare


We offer on-going Speed Gate aftercare and maintenance packages. With a network of technicians dotted across the UK, we can attend to any issues and call in for a periodic safety check at your convenience. For more information on our aftercare packages please visit our aftercare page or call our security experts on 0113 281 3511.